Nov 20th 2021 - Alert of Individuals riding motor bikes on association common land (Waterside at the lakes Park).

Use of any motorized vehicle on any common areas of the association properties is not permitted unless it is by an official for the purpose of providing service to the HOA. If you are stopped and do not provide your address proving you are a Waterside at the Lakes resident, or do not stop when asked; you will be treated as a non-resident trespasser and the police will be called for trespassing.

  First offense will come with a warning to residents. Repeat offenders will be fined with potential of common area privilege revocation per the HOA covenants





Section 5. Prohibition of Certain Activities.

 No damage to, or waste of, the Common Area or any part thereof, shall be committed by any Owner or any tenant or invitee of any Owner. No noxious, destructive or offensive activity shall be permitted on or in the Common Area or any part thereof, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or may become an unreasonable annoyance or nuisance to any other Owner. No Owner may maintain, treat, landscape, sod, or place or erect any improvement or structure of any kind on the Common Area without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

The tennis Court lock code is:


Future Planned Projects

Lake bank repair (102nd place north between 38th st. and 39th st.) 
   - repair date to be determined, 
   - Budget cost reevaluated - (need review for 2023)
   - Budget reserve maturity Jan 2025

Playground repair/replace/refresh
   - repair / replacement date TBD
   - Budget cost reevaluated - (need review for 2023)
   - Budget reserve maturity Jan 2028 

   - repair /replacement date TBD
   - Replacement cost reevaluated - 2021
   - Budget reserve maturity Jan 2030

Tennis Court Fence
   - repair / replacement date TBD
   - Replacement cost reevaluated - 2021
   - Budget reserve maturity Jan 2031

Tennis Court Surface
   - repair / replacement date TBD
   - Budget cost reevaluated - 2016 (need review for 2023)
   - Budget reserve maturity Jan 2032

Asphalt walks in park
   - repair / replacement date TBD
   - Budget cost reevaluated - 2016 (need review for 2023)
   - Budget reserve maturity Jan 2037

Street Paving by City of Pinellas Park
(Dates provided by City of Pinellas Park, HOA makes no promise)
Phase 3: Sidewalk improvements and Roadway resurfacing
             39th Street east to 36th Street projected completion in (2023)
Phase 4: Sidewalk improvements and Roadway resurfacing
             42rd Street to 39th Street. projected completion in (2024)

Ongoing Projects

Rules and Regulations

covenants conditions and restrictions addendums

Repair aging parts on Playground (seeking vendor and part to repair)

Replace tennis court nets. (Currently repaired)

City Paving Lake Blvd from 43rd to the East (the dead end) 
 Streets from 39th Street east to 36th Street 

Completed Projects

Replace defective timer on tennis court lights.
   - done 2/2022

Pressure washing sidewalk along HOA property
  - lake access area on 103rd Ave east of 38th. 
  - done 3/2022

Tree Trim in commons on 103rd lake 
    - done 2/2022

Replaced Gates on Tennis Court
  - done 2020

Park planting and mulching
   - Last done Spring of 2021

Waterside monument sign on Lake blvd and 39th st  
  - repainted 2021

Electrical conduit repair on Gazebo
- replaced receptacle cover Dec 2021

Replace weatherproof receptacle cover at power demarcation area
- replaced receptacle cover Dec 2021

Street Paving by City of Pinellas Park
- Phase 1: Paving Lake Blvd from 49th Street to 43rd Street - Completed 2021
Phase 2: Paving Lake Blvd from 43rd to the East (the dead end) 
              including several cul-de-sacs projected completion in (2022)
Phase 2a: Bike lanes and roadway marking improvements for Lake Blvd projected completion in (2022)

Replace bicycle lock on tennis court gate with a tethered combination master lock.
- replaced with combination locks Jan 2022



Waterside at the lakes residents have access to its' private park with many amenities to give you more outdoor life than just your back yard. 


The Gazebo is a tranquil area to meditate on the lake's beauty and the bounty of wildlife that call it home.  


The largest of the community lakes. Only Waterside at the lakes members are permitted to fish in our lakes.

Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a "Waterside at the Lakes Fishing Lure pin" to show that you are a member and permitted to fish at our lake.

If you are 15 years or older, you will also need a Pinellas County fishing permit. 


There are wide open spaces to explore, play, and has paved walk paths around the park.


Our tennis courts are available for our HOA residents. Code to access the tennis courts is available to registered members of this HOA site. 

We added pickle ball to our tennis courts 


Waterside is a great place to grow your family, our park has a playground for the little ones climb, slide and swing. 


We love our park and it is a great place for members to come together ard share in the beauty of our community. 
The Social committee will be happy to schedule an event if you are planning a wedding or a birthday. Keep an eye out on the bulletin for HOA member inspired parties in the park.